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Overseas trust fundraising directories

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Researching new fundraising opportunities can be overwhelming at the best of times. Small charities often have limited or no resources for research and may miss out on funding opportunities.

To help small charities make identify new funding opportunities more efficiently, I have compiled a list of trust and foundation directories. I will update this list on a regular basis with any new directories.

1. BOND Funding Opportunities (Free)

Bond is a network of civil society organisations working to address global poverty, inequality, and injustice. A list of upcoming funding deadlines is frequently updated.

2. Charity Excellence (Free)

This online toolkit has been around for just over 3 years to support the development of small charities and grow their impact. As part of the toolkit, you will have access to a free funding database that allows you to filter by area of focus, geographic location, etc.

3. Funds 4 NGOs (Paid)

A directory of the most recent open and closed call for proposals and other grant opportunities for NGOs around the world.

4. Charities Commission Advanced Search (Free)

Charity Commission is a regulator in England and Wales, and the place to go if you want to find the latest information about any registered charitable body. As much as it may seem a little clunky, by selecting the right filters, you can easily pull together a list of grantmaking organisations and easily obtain the contact information, latest accounts, and trustee details.

5. Funding Eye (Free)

Funding Eye is a fundraising consultancy that offers fundraising programme development and strengthening support but also lists of active grant and other fundraising opportunities.

6. Giving is Great (Free)

7. GrantNav 360 (Free)

8. Devex (Free)

9. Big Online America (Free)

10. Development Aid (Free)

11. Association of Charitable Foundations (Free)

12. Foundation Directory Online (Paid)

13. Foundation Search (Free)

14. Get Ed Funding (Free)

15. Grant Forward (Free)

16. Grant Station (Free)

17. Grants for Nonprofits (Free)

18. Grant Gopher (Paid)

19. Grantmakers.io (Free)

20. Grants Online (Free)

21. Instrumentl (Free)

22. Philanthropy in East Africa (Free)

23. Pivot Research Opportunities (Free)

24. SDG Funders (Free)


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