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5 platforms to raise money while shopping online

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The number of people who shop online has grown significantly over the past year, as we stay indoors to keep safe. With a digital transformation underway, charities have more opportunities now than they've ever had to raise money online.

New platforms are popping up everywhere, all of them being free of charge for charities and most being super easy to set up.

Pick the platforms of your choice using the list below and give your supporters a chance to raise money for your cause while shopping online and without having to spend an extra penny.

1. Easyfundraising

Easyfundraising is the UK’s biggest charity shopping site, working with over 4,599 retailers and having raised over £33 million for charities.

The charity profile setup is fairly straightforward and the customer service team are responsible and helpful. When a profile is created, each charity will have its own landing page with information about the number of donors supporting the cause and the total amount of donations raised available for the public to see.

What I love the most about Easyfundraising is that it provides all the marketing materials for charities to share with their audience, including email banners, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platform posts with the copy suggestions. These marketing materials are created for different occasions throughout the year and sent to charity account managers via email.

Make sure you ask your supporters to choose you as their charity of choice when setting up their account.

2. Give As You Live

Give As You Live is another fantastic platform, with a total amount raised for charities hitting over £13 million so far through partnerships with over 4,000 stores.

The setup process is very simple and this platform, similarly to Easyfundraising, have a donation reminder extension, available to download and install to avoid missing out on raising funds when shopping online.

The marketing materials provided by Give As You Live can be easily downloaded from their website.

Make sure you ask your supporters to choose you as their charity of choice when setting up their account.

3. Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a great way to get your supporters to donate to your cause while making every day purchases, especially in times like these when so many of us are avoiding going to stores and instead choosing to shop online.

Amazon Smile only needs to be set up once, with no need for donation reminders, as 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases is made towards a selected charity. Make sure you ask your supporters to choose you as their charity of choice when setting up their account.

It's important to note that it does take some time to receive donation payouts from Amazon Smile, as the donations are paid out once every quarter, 45 days after the end of each quarter.

Amazon Smile, similarly to other platforms, provide charities with marketing materials, including social media posts, and website and email banners.

4. Go Raise

GoRaise work with over 3,000 retailers. Each charity, upon registering its account, gets its own fundraising page, with all the information needed for its supporters to start raising money.

Marketing tools include customised emails, templates and general marketing materials. Donations are paid out on a quarterly basis.

5. The Giving Machine

The Giving Machine work with over 2,000 retailers and works in a very similar way to the above-listed platforms.

Upon registration, your charity will have its own cause page and provided marketing materials to help you spread the word about this way of fundraising.

Donation payouts are made on a monthly basis if your charity raises £15+.